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Upload full-sized photos to Instagram without cropping them!


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When you want to share photos on Instagram, you always have to resize them and edit them so that they are square, which can be annoying if you want to upload a panoramic photo or if you like the photo more as a rectangle.

InstaSize is an Android app that allows you to upload any photo to Instagram or to other social media sites without having to crop it first. It doesn't matter if you took a horizontal or a vertical photo. Now, you can show your photos exactly the way they really look!

This tool adds white borders to all of your images so that Instagram doesn't make you resize them before sharing them. By doing so, when you upload the photo to the photo sharing service, the white background that you have applied to it won't be noticeable against the background of the app and it will appear in its true size.

In addition, InstaSize also works as an image editor, so you can change the background color that you want to add to the photo instead of using white when you carry out this 'trick.'

The program is very simple and easy-to-use. Just like Instagram, it offers different filters, effects, layers and text to allow you to personalize your photos. In addition, you can also create collages using images in your gallery, using the camera, or from any external storage service (if you have it installed in your device).

On the other hand, InstaSize isn't just designed to allow you to share your new, retouched photos on Instagram. Instead, it also allows you to upload them to Twitter or Facebook or other services and to save the results in your phone's photo gallery.